1) Full Time Outreach/Cultural Program Coordinator


1) Full Time Outreach/Cultural Program Coordinator


Prince Albert Community Home, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

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The Outreach/Cultural Program Coordinator reports to the Community Home Manager. The Outreach/Cultural Program Coordinator will act as the primary Cultural Resource for the QBOW CFS Community Home for the Prince Albert location. They will also be required to work with the parents of children in care of the QBOW Prince Albert Community Home. They will assist in the development of short-term and long-term plans based on the strengths of the family, and implementation of the plans with the MSS case worker and QBOW Community Home Manager. On the Outreach side, they will be expected to support other team member’s roles and actively contribute to the further development of the QBOW Community Home staff to promote the service, facilitate and support appropriate referral pathways for the client group. They will be responsible for the development, integration, delivery and enhancement of Indigenous Cultural service practice of QBOW CFS Community Home as well as the northern communities served (Beardy’s & Okemasis, Wahpeton and Wood Mountain: Cree/Lakota/Dakota Nations.) The Outreach/Cultural Program Coordinator will ensure that support development reflect and be inclusive in its programming to all stages of life – child, youth, adult and elder. They are responsible for ensuring various relations are established and maintained, and for liaising with the communities served. This position also implements, monitors, evaluates and reports on programming in accordance with funding agreements, identified work plans and organizational plans and priorities. A primary function of this position is to facilitate preservation and promotion of traditional practices within the Community Home and with served communities, thereby enhancing positive strong cultural identity for children in care and members of the communities served.

• Bachelor Degree in Education, Public Health or Social Science or equivalent experience required.
• Valid Drivers Licence
• Current and Clear Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check
• Successful completion of Community Health Substance Abuse and Planning and Prevention ethics training or equivalent.
• Computer literacy, including effective working skills of MS Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and computer reporting databases/systems.
• Minimum of 3 years experience in management of service of children and their families, or related experience. As well as:
o Knowledge of principles, practices and methodologies associated with the delivery
of cultural services
o Knowledge of the health and social services programs offered to First Nations in the Prince Albert area
o Knowledge of program planning, implementation and evaluation
• Must be of Indigenous ancestry with understanding, practice and sharing of Indigenous history, culture, traditions, ceremonies, principles and values.

Job Duties
• Work with Parents and caregivers of the children served by the QBOW PA Community Home.
• Communicate with MSS case worker of the children and families served by the QBOW PA Community Home.
• Documenting the Team Leaders medical information on the children served by the QBOW PA Receiving Home.
• Build a positive relationship with the parents/caregivers, MSS workers and other in-house staff.
• Responsible for preparing travel one week prior to any required meeting with MSS, parents/caregivers.
• Assist in registration of the children served by QBOW PA Receiving Home to their respective First Nation, based on the parent’s preference.
• Participate in case review meetings/talking circles and agreement actions.
• Liaise with professionals in health and social care to promote child/family well-being.
• Perform related work as assigned by QBOW PA Community Home Manager or Team Leader.
• Develops, plans and coordinates significant operational initiatives to create culture into all aspects of QBOW CFS Community Home.
• Provides relevant, competent cultural support programming to all member First Nation children in Home, their families and served communities, who either request or are determined to require Agency services from point of referral to case closure.
• Ensures cultural support services and programming are delivered with excellence and conform to the Agency’s philosophy, policies, procedures, guidelines and protocols as well to provincial legislation, regulations and standards.
• Ensures every child in the home and their family receives the highest quality of cultural support services through decision-making that is done in the best interests and well-being of every child and family for the enhancement and development of positive cultural identity.
• Instructs Community Home staff regarding aspects of Indigenous culture, knowledge and understanding in the formation and development of effective helping relationships with children in the home and their families.
• Recruits for and maintains a roster of Indigenous Elders, Traditional Advisors and Healers for the provision of culturally appropriate healing practices for children in the home and the home staff’s well-being.
• Plan, organize and coordinate cultural workshops, programming and activities, teachings, ceremonies and healing practices for the children in the home, their families and the home staff as required.
• Assist in obtaining necessary supplies, equipment or funds to facilitate the Community Home and Agency’s culturally based functions.
• Completes relevant Agency records, forms and documents as required
• Prepares statistical reports for the Community Home Manager summarizing current activities and future planning.
• Reviews policies to identify change that will improve the quality of service, and will ensure the provision of culturally appropriate programming, and forward recommendations to Executive Director.
• Acts as a resource or provides resources to ensure that cultural knowledge and practices are maintained with the home.
• Ensures that the children in the home are aware of the cultural resources available to maintain their cultural identities and practices.

Please Submit Cover Letter and resume, along with 3 references Attention to:
Natasha Gladue, Human Resources ngladue@qbow.ca All short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!